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2020 Clear Vision

2020 Clear Vision

Hola y Feliz Ano Nuevo! Happy New Year Lovelys!

I canNOT believe its already the 2nd week of 2020 & Im just now getting around to posting this. FAIL. *eyeroll & palm to the face* Honestly I reaaaally needed some extra days to myself and for my children. The holidays can already be pretty overwhelming & this year my whole household, including myself, got sick right before xmas. I'm just now feeling all better and back to normal. Stay Healthy out there Lovelys. 

One of my professional goals this year was to improve and stay consistent with Besos' social media presence; including keeping up our website blog and playing around with the vlog world. I really want to push & start up our Besos Youtube as well. Im all about expanding the Besos brand this year. 

&& to keep our customers updated- Yes! We are working on new inventory- finally. Just be patient with me! My indecisiveness is so annoying & works against me when it comes top inventory shopping. GRRRRR! I am moving full throttle ahead tho! bcus honestly Im not satisfied w my performance w Shop Besos in 2019. Im happy to just have her up and running and that idea also gave my procrastination space in my life. There are several ventures & ideas I have on my plate personally outside of Besos'. This year,  Im really pouring myself into my businesse(S) & schooling; organizing these intentions I have for each of them. & really, Im the only one holding myself back. No MORE EXCUSES. 

Great time for Great New Beginnings!

We are working here at Besos. Will be dropping some new very soon. Stay Tuned. Also, feel free to inquire about an item you may be interested in that is not currently on stock. We want to offer an exclusive shopping experience, where your wants are catered. In other words, help us - help you.   

We are excited to RE-present ourselves and our Besos brand. Thank you for supporting us! My blogging skills will get better I promise. I also promise to blog weekly! Aiming for Sundays but dont hold me to it quite yet. Still figuring out details. 

Real life love yall. Thank you. Super grateful for everyone who has supported Besos in any way. Talk to you in a couple days.

Besos *blows kiss*





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